"Love Rocks" : One woman's mission to spread love in Racine

Someone is spreading a message of love in Racine by anonymously leaving little reminders for people across the city. 

Jennifer Simonsen started her \"love journey\" about a year ago, placing decorated rocks like this at schools and in parks as a way to get out of the house. But it's turned in to so much more. 

\"I definitely think this lil rock goes a long way,\" said Simonsen.

It's easy for her to say, because one rock has changed Simonsen's life. Homebound and ill last year, she stumbled on the \"Love Rocks\" Facebook page; a tribute by an Oregon mother to her two young daughters killed in a tragic accident.

\"A car went through the leaf pile and killed them instantly and I thought I should pass this on and do something like that,\" she said. 

And she did, creating and distributing more than 2000 of them; simple rocks from a cement company, with a colorful heart glued on and a powerful message: love rocks. 

\"We've actually seen people pick them up and the smile on their face is just like 'I just found gold,' \" said Simonsen. 

If you want your own \"love rock\" all you have to do is look around; Jennifer Simonsen has randomly placed them across the city and even state. 

\"We always leave them places that mean something to us, like our family trips in the Dells, baseball tournaments, etc,\" said Simonsen.

 Jennifer Simonsen puts at least one rock out a day and says it's changed her life.

\"It has helped. I wouldn't be here talking to you without it. I have a lot of fears and social anxiety,\" said Simonsen. 

 And hope this mission helps others as it has helped her. 

Here's a link to Jennifer Simonsen's local \"Love Journey\" : https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005550767607

Here's a link to the \"Love Rocks\" page that started it all: https://www.facebook.com/lovedrenched

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