Love is in the air

MILWAUKEE-The courthouse was decorated in red and pink streamers as dozens of couples got married on Valentine's Day.

One groom says he won't ever forget when his anniversary by getting married on a holiday that many think is nothing more than about selling cards and candy.

Judicial Court Commissioner Cedric Cornwall said it was nice to see such joy in a courtroom and tears of joy.

\"I'm currently assigned to children's court,\" Cornwall told CBS 58 News, \" So, to have the opportunity to come down here and perform these ceremonies, it's very special.\"

Meantime, they saw a last minute rush at the drive-thru valentines tent at State Fair Park.

Folks didn't even have to get out of their cars, they just placed their order and within minutes were set for their sweetie.

 \"Excellent for people like me, excellent,\" said Chon Dixon. \" I saw the news and said I'm gonna go right over there.\"

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