Looking Snowy to Start Next Week

The weekend is nearly upon us and it's looking wintry!

How about this for a visual:

The strong west to now northerly wind has brought chills factors back to the forecast. Additionally, the strong wind can create scenes like the one above, taken just north of our viewing area. Ice cover on lakes can break up and become displaced under windy conditions. This weather set up can lead to large mountains of ice piling up on the down wind shorelines, like this shot from Lake Winnebago.

While we should be able to enjoy a good deal of sun this weekend, temperatures will fare more like early February averages. A persistent northerly flow should keep temperatures floating in the middle to upper 20s Saturday to around the freezing mark Sunday. And if that doesn't feel wintry enough for you, we've got snow on the way by late Sunday.

As an area of low pressure approaches later Sunday, our snow chances will increase during the evening. The center of the low looks to drift just south of the state as it moves west to east across the Great Lakes. This puts us on the colder side and favors snow that will likely linger through Monday and possibly Tuesday morning. As of now, most data suggests that we could receive 2-5" of snowfall. Anticipate both commutes to be a bit sluggish on Monday with snow in progress. We will continue to watch this system carefully in the coming days so stay tuned for any adjustments to this forecast.

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I'm meteorologist Rebecca Schuld

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