Looking for love? Find a less attractive partner, study says

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – If you’re looking for love, a new study suggests finding someone less attractive.

As CBS2’s Cindy Hsu reported, the researchers say that might lead to living happily ever after.

The new study out of Florida State University found attractive women married to less attractive men often have better relationships.

“Those relationships actually seemed to be happier, so spouses will be more supportive towards one another,” FSU researcher Tania Reynolds told Hsu.

On the flip side, if the husband was more attractive, the wife was often constantly focused on losing weight.

“So they would agree with statements like I’m preoccupied with the desire to be thinner, or I like when my stomach is empty,” Reynolds said.

Matchmaker Lori Zaslow said she sees it all the time.

“When her man’s better looking and she feels like she needs to lose those extra pounds or he’s always looking good and people are always looking at him, it makes a woman feel insecure,” she said.

Dr. Maurice Khosh is a plastic surgeon, and his wife, Judy, is gorgeous.

“I do feel like she’s a knockout. So when I’m out with her, it just makes me proud and I feel good about myself that this is my mate,” he told Hsu.

They both agreed with the study.

“I think there’s truth to it,” he said. “Usually as a guy, if you’re going out with a more attractive woman, you’ve got to try a little bit harder, you’ve got to be more charming, you have to work harder to please them.”

Judy said it’s a win-win in their marriage.

“I mean, he’s attractive to me,” she said. “You know, the little compliments, ‘Oh how is he with her?’ I feel like when I do my best to look my best — be more attractive in the relationship – then he feels more confident.”

The couple has been married for 13 years.

“The most important thing I think is communication and respect, and I think that’s really been what has helped us,” Maurice said.

“And a pretty wife doesn’t hurt,” Judy added.

And you have to have a good sense of humor.

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