London, Wisconsin residents react to the tragic death of Queen Elizabeth II

NOW: London, Wisconsin residents react to the tragic death of Queen Elizabeth II

LONDON, Wis. (CBS 58) -- The Queen's passing has a lot of people talking in London, England, but a small town in southeast Wisconsin is also reflecting on the Queen's legacy.

We went to London, Wis., where we found Londonites feeling a connection to London. Some were reacting to the Queen's death as if they were overseas.

At London Depot, people had something to say about the death of Queen Elizabeth II, ending her 70-year reign.

"I thought it was interesting that she held onto her reign until the very end," said Brad Keevil, London, WIs. resident.

"She made 96, did you think she was gonna make it to 100? No. She never visited the real London either," said Fritz, London, Wis.  resident.

"Well I was upset about it but then I come in here and it's not on TV and it's kind of like that's what it means to this area really," said Lea Stokes-Keevil, London, Wis. resident.

It's quiet in London now, with clear skies. Nothing like their namesake across the pond which saw hard rain all day.

"But despite the weather around Buckingham Palace, is completely, like people have come out from all over," said Paul Wharton, Lifestyle TV presenter and author.

Paul Wharton is an influencer. He moved to London two years ago from the U.S.

"My friends here I'm sending them my condolences and they're taking the condolences as if it were someone in their own family," said Wharton.

Wharton says all around, people are expressing gratitude, as the Queen's last breath was in Balmoral.

"It's just such a beautiful place, I mean steep in history and people are just so kind. Everywhere you go they'll say, you all right? You know they're asking if you're all right. I'm like do I know you?" said Wharton.

The Queen's son, now King Charles, has assumed the role. That's got people talking too.

"And I kind of wondered if she wasn't trying to outlive Prince Charles because she wasn't sure that she wanted him to get it. I don't know. I think he's kind of mellowed out over the years. We're not thrilled about Camilla," said Keevil.

"Some people have been hemming and hawing about Queen Consort Camilla and what her role will be because whatever, people have a hard time moving on from the past. It's gonna feel a little bit different but I think that the legacy will live on and I think that the spirit of the Queen will always remain," said Wharton.

CBS 58 met a veteran here who told us when he was in London he liked to tell people he was from London, Wis. The palace left an impression on him, so big he says the entire area of London, Wis. could fit inside.

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