Local voting rights advocates gather to protest against Tim Michels' fundraiser

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Local voting rights advocates gathered around Milwaukee city hall today, on Aug. 25, to protest an upcoming fundraiser.

GOP gubernatorial candidate Tim Michels and former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gablemen are both headlining a fundraiser in Appleton next month.

Protestors are demanding Michels cut ties with the man who led the investigation into the 2020 election, which costed taxpayers over a million dollars.

State Senator Chris Larson also joined the protestors today.

"We want to do the opposite of what Michael Gableman does which is promote everybody to vote. So encouraging people to get out, to register, to make sure their voice counts and to not be intimidated by this election fraud," said State Sen. Chris Larson.

The protestors say if Michels attends the fundraiser, they will show up and rally against him.

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