Local Vicar Reacts to Possibility of Female Deacons

Pope Francis is once again making headlines for exploring the possibility of a big change in the Catholic Church.
He's appointed a commission to examine the idea of women deacons in the church.
The commission is made up of 13 people from different backgrounds, both male and female, to come together and discuss opening up the role of deacon to women. 
This appears to be just another way Pope Francis to continue his priority of wanting to make sure the Catholic Church continues its teaching in the most effective and inclusive fashion. 
Father Paul Hartmann is the judicial Vicar of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee and is also the president here at Catholic Memorial High School in Waukesha.
He said it's important to understand that just because the commission is exploring this option, it doesn't mean it's necessarily going to happen. 
He said Catholics shouldn't jump to conclusions and assume the pope is trying to change doctrine.
Instead, it's just a way of making sure the church is engaging and welcoming a discussion.
 “We have to be willing to look at the theology and the history and give it full credibility. We have to look at what we may have learned in the last 30 or 40 years and ask what we've learned will be best for the church and for our ministries going forward,” said Father Paul Hartmann.
There is no set date for conclusion on the women deacons to be released. 
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