Local universities already preparing for Foxconn

NOW: Local universities already preparing for Foxconn

Less than 24 hours after the announcement that Foxconn is coming to Wisconsin, local universities are already preparing.

Marquette said they started thinking about how their role in this last week when Foxconn coming to Wisconsin was just buzz. Marquette University President Mike Lovell says this will be a statewide effort to supply up to 13,000 jobs and he's already reached out to other universities and tech schools to make sure they can collaborate and make sure students are prepared to work at Foxconn. He says they are willing to tailor their curriculum to align with Foxconn's needs. Marquette hopes to meet with Foxconn to discuss partnerships and how they can help, "We immediately started thinking internally here, what can we do to support this effort. We've already had some internal meetings about how we can further align our curriculum with Foxconn and the workforce developing," said President Lovell.

We've also heard from MATC, Herzing and Gateway Tech. They are preparing to make sure Foxconn will have the skilled workers they need by 2020.

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