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Local tracking expert has theories on Kelly Dwyer case

Christopher Schwartz and his organization, Operation Locate our Children, plan to assist in the search for 27-year-old Kelly Dwyer, who has been missing since Friday, October 11.

Schwartz started his organization in response to the Alexis Patterson case in 2002, and has been helping search for missing persons ever since.  \"Hundreds, if not thousands of cases,\" Schwartz said.

I wanted to know what he thought of the search for Kelly Dwyer, and he told us he was concerned that there seemed to be no sign of her after Friday morning.  \"It's a needle in a haystack right now.  We just don't have a lot to go on,\" Schwartz said. 

Dwyer's family and friends have told CBS58 that she was out at bars on the east side on Thursday night, October 10.  And that she may have spent the night with a male friend.  Schwartz says if more information were made public, it would help in the search for Dwyer.   \"We don't know what she was wearing... I'd like to confirm that she was at the boyfriend's yes or no?  I really wanna just know the last place she was,\" Schwartz said. 

Schwartz says local news coverage can be very helpful in missing persons cases, so there is likely a good reason Milwaukee Police are being tight-lipped, and not releasing information to the media.  \"If foul play is involved, they generally don't give information out.  They don't want the perpetrator or person knowing they know what is going on,\"  Schwartz said.    

Maureen Dwyer told CBS 58 that she does think foul play is involved in her daughter's disappearance, but Milwaukee police are not saying if they agree or disagree with that theory. 

Schwartz says there are reasons to hold out hope Kelly Dwyer will be found safe.  He says he asked Milwaukee Police if he should coordinate a volunteer search on the east side, or if it would be a waste of time.  He says police told him to do the search. 

\"I have a lot of confidence in the Special Crimes Unit in Milwaukee,\" Schwartz said.


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