Local pharmacist: No shortage of morning-after pills

Local pharmacist: No shortage of morning-after pills

WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- Just days after Roe v. Wade was overturned, national pharmacy chains are limiting the number of emergency contraceptives customers can buy, but a Milwaukee pharmacist says there is no good reason to panic.

Doctor Hashim Zaibak says Hayat pharmacies across Milwaukee have plenty of emergency contraceptives on the shelves.

"Since Friday, we've had a lot of people come and ask for it," Dr. Zaibak said. "We did overstock it to take care of the people who might want to purchase it."

National chains CVS and Rite Aid both sent out statements this week that they would limit morning-after pill purchases to three per transaction. Walgreens says it will not limit purchases at this time.

Online purchases for the national chains appear sold out. We went to three Milwaukee pharmacies, all had both Plan B and Aftera in stock.

Dr. Zaibak says if you do decide to buy the morning-after pill, keep in mind that it can start to lose effectiveness after nine months on the shelf.

"I would not recommend anyone buying a whole bunch of them, there is really no need for that," he said.

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