Local Parents Put Child on School Bus But Student Didn't Make it to School

A student at Hope Christian School was left on a bus on Thursday.

According to Hope Christian School’s Executive Director Zachary Verriden after the student was not present when attendance was taken the school called the family.

The family indicated the student had been put on the Go Riteway Bus.

This story starts at 5:45 AM when a driver from Go Riteway Bus Company picked up this student for the school day.

When the other students were dropped off the driver did not walk to the back of the bus to make sure all the kids had made it off.

The student stayed asleep on one of the seats.

A bus company spokesperson said they will be re-emphasizing their triple check system to make sure kids are not left on the bus.

The actual discovery that the child was missing came from the school officials.

The school called the bus company.

According to the school, the child was returned safely to school by 9:35 a.m.

“We promptly met with the family to ensure everything was done correctly at the school and to pray with the family for continued safety and well-being of their student,” said Verriden in a statement. 

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