Local Milwaukee leaders host neighborhood walk in Washington Heights

MILWAUKEE, (CBS 58) -- On Feb. 24, acting Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson, Alderman Michael Murphy and police Chief Jeffrey Norman hosted a walk in the Washington Heights neighborhood.

They stopped at several businesses in the area, where they listened to owner's concerns.

One main concern Ald. Murphy says was brought to their attention was the ongoing issue of reckless driving.

"You have a lot of families in this neighborhood crossing the street going to the local stores and the police have been very responsive," said Murphy. "So I've contacted them and they've been able to have officers out here and patrolling. But we are going to be looking at using infrastructure money to perhaps narrow the street and force drivers to slow down."

Other issues discussed were labor shortages and challenges local businesses have faced during the pandemic.

Acting Mayor Johnson says him, Ald. Murphy and Chief Norman are all dedicated to coming up with solutions.

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