Local Middle School Girls Learn the Science of Lip Gloss

For years we've been reporting on local efforts to get more girls interested in math and sciences.

The STEM program found the perfect way to get their attention with the science of lip gloss.

On Friday, CBS 58 News popped into a class at the MSOE or School of Engineering when 36 middle school students from Milwaukee, Shorewood and Waukesha learned about the science behind beauty.

Their instructor is a woman providing inspiration all the way around.

There were also hands on projects to make it fun.

All this thanks to the efforts of GE Healthcare which has sponsored this program for five years.

"We need to get women at the table competing in these roles," explained Pam Washburn of GE Healthcare. "Because when you have diversity you have great collaboration and great growth and creativity."

The girls learned how light carries different amounts of energy and how certain substances determine the colors which then identifies energy content.

Fascinating and environmentally friendly too.

The lip gloss is made out natural materials from bees wax to castor oil.

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