Local man wins Hole-in-One Contest last day of Summerfest

Brody Oesterreich won the hole-in-one contest at Summerfest on July 5, and he became $5,000 richer.
Oesterreich told CBS 58's Priscilla Luong it took blood, sweat, and beards for him to win the hole-in-one contest on Sunday. That's the slogan on the T-shirt he was wearing.
The contest was sponsored by CBS58, Meijer, and ESPN Milwaukee.
Brody got to the booth with just 5-minutes to spare, and used a seven-iron to make the winning shot.
\"I didn't even see it go in, and the girl I was with yelled, I still didn't really think it went in. And this kid by the side of the water, was freaking out, and I told them they better check. I was really close to just leaving, but glad I didn't,\" said Oesterreich. 
Brody said after treating his friends to a round of victory drinks, he plans to use the $5,000 to take care of the bills.
\"I guess I can afford to get a shave I don't know,\" Brody joked. \"Maybe the beard stays. It's gotta be lucky.\"

Brody says he golfed in high school And had a few beers before stepping up to the tee.
For him the key was mind over the matter. That's what made his day at the Big Gig one of the most memorable.
\"I said I'm going to get it in the cup and I did.\"
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