Local leaders rally for peace at Milwaukee's Heal the Hood block party

NOW: Local leaders rally for peace at Milwaukee’s Heal the Hood block party

Local leaders rallied for peace at Moody Park on Milwaukee's north side.

"The name of this neighborhood is the Amani neighborhood which symbolizes peace. The objective of Heal the Hood Movement is to have just that."

There was no charge to attend "Heal The Hood." It was a kind of moving block party. Families enjoyed the sunshine and mingled with their neighbors.

The founder tells us they're setting a positive example.

"When I look at these babies, you know, running around in the bounce house with their face painted, sometimes coming from the ghetto, there is no positivity, there is no light. And so for the babies to see such unity, such community going on man it really does warm our...I sleep good at night," said Founder of Heal the Hood Ajamou Butler.

The fun continues on Saturday from noon until 6 p.m. at 23rd and Burleigh.

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