Local lawmakers, voters react to impeachment inquiry of Trump

NOW: Local lawmakers, voters react to impeachment inquiry of Trump

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Speaker Nancy Pelosi says the House is moving forward with an official impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump.

The move comes after Trump admitted he pushed a foreign government to investigate unfounded claims about a 2020 campaign rival. President Trump dismissed the announcement over Twitter Tuesday, calling it "witch hunt garbage."

Reaction to the impeachment inquiry was swift.

Impeachment is a political process, not a judicial one that's carried out in courtrooms. For each step forward, there have to be votes, and those votes would include our Wisconsin congressional leaders.

The first vote would be impeachment, and that would be in the House of Representatives. 

Jim Sensenbrenner, the Republican rep from Menomonee Falls, said that Democrats have always looked for alleged impeachable offenses with President Trump. Sensenbrenner expects the upcoming investigation to tarnish Congress's credibility and further divide the country.

On the other side of the aisle, Mark Pocan, a Democrat from Madison, says the President admitted to breaking the law, violated his oath of office, and the time for impeachment is long overdue. If it does come to a vote, Democrats have the numbers in the House to impeach.

"From the House of Representatives perspective, to say we're not just going to do whatever the President says -- this impeachment inquiry is a big check, one of the powers that we have in the Constitution to push back on the President," said Marquette University political science professor Paul Nolette.

If impeachment were to pass the house, it would then take two-thirds of the Senate to actually remove the President from office.

Looking at the numbers of Democrats versus Republicans, the conclusion to draw is that it would be unlikely to happen.

CBS 58 took our cameras to the streets to ask voters in Milwaukee what they thought of Speaker Pelosi's announcement.

Some say they're not too surprised after hearing the announcement, and agree with Nancy Pelosi's statement that 'no one is above the law.' They say it's a long time coming, and everybody should be looked into.

"He’s running the show,  and it’s a circus, and the average American needs help. If this is the first step to addressing the average American, then God bless Nancy Pelosi,” said voter Jonathan Strickland.

Others believe president Trump's decision-making has been beneficial for American businesses, and that he doesn't necessarily deserve to be impeached.

"The reason that Trump was elected is strictly for one reason, business -- period. People that are business owners are scared that they’re not going to be represented," said small business owner Aaron Anders.

"I see it from both sides. I see it from the business side, he has done a lot you know, his mouth just gets him in trouble,” said voter Josiah Dawson. “I can see it from the other side too, where all the things that’s happening with Ukraine and stuff I just believe it’s about time.”

Some believe the country should shift their focus off of the impeachment.

"I think we should spend our energy on the next election, not so much the impeachment," said voter Aaron Dolan.

While there are many differing opinions, a majority of voters seem to agree that leaders need to do a better job of unifying the country.

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