Marquette law professor projects President Trump's possible impeachment process

NOW: Marquette law professor projects President Trump’s possible impeachment process

MILWAUKEE (CBS58) -- It's a big week for House Representatives. Just days after the Capitol mayhem, the House is planning to move forward with articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump.

“Even though there is a very short time frame left, there’s a feeling that the tigers are cornered or in the cage and you might have time to do something," Ed Fallone said. He is an associate professor of law at Marquette University Law School.

Fallone says there are a few moving parts in this second run of impeaching President Trump.

“In order for that normal process to be sped up, take place and have any sort of a trial, it would require unanimous consent from the Senate members to deviate from the normal procedures and I don’t see that as very likely.” 

There’s also major concern that the trial could be a distraction from President- Elect Joe Biden’s inauguration.

“It would stepping on the toes of the incoming administration."

Fallone expects the House to pass the articles of impeachment, but delay sending them to the Senate.

“The point would be not to remove Trump from office but rather the second part of impeachment in the constitution, which is the potential to bar the impeached individual from ever holding federal office."

State Representative David Bowen says there’s no debate and he’s hoping for a clean vote.

“We know that the actions of this president has lead to this so it just need to be a clean up and down vote to impeach him and keep him from running for office again."

Republican Congressman Bryan Steil released a statement last week in part:

“I oppose Pelosi’s efforts to impeach President Trump. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have already tried and failed to remove President Trump through impeachment, enough already.”

Democratic leaders met on Thursday, Jan 7.

They could call the House back into session as early as Monday to start the process.

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