Local kickboxer's cause of death released

Milwaukee - A medical examiner has ruled 24-year-old Dennis Munson's death an accident due to blunt force injuries to the head.

\"Seeing the fight in its entirety, I do not recall seeing Dennis take a blow to the head. Dennis was the aggressor.\" Says, Quincy Jones.

Quincy Jones at the Royal Court Academy in Milwaukee has been involved in martial arts for the past seven years. He's fought and witnessed many matches, but Dennis Munson's final kickboxing match back in March is unforgettable.

\"I observed Dennis being unresponsive in his corner, and the coach held him by his face. As the coach let Dennis go, I saw Dennis fall to the mat.\" Says Jones.

Jones says he saw the events happened within one round of the amateur kickboxing match at the Eagles Club.

\"It looked like a person who exhausted themselves, and never recovered.\" Says Jones.

On Dennis Munson's final cause of death report, the medical examiner noted Munson carried the sickle trait. It's unclear if that played a role in Munson's death, but Jones believes that brings up the concern for more safety.

\"I'm not a doctor. I can't make a take on that. But things like that should be looked at before these guys actually fight.

Munson died while making his amateur debut on March 28th at the Eagles Club in Milwaukee.







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