GE Shares Latest Technology With Local Schools

NOW: GE Shares Latest Technology With Local Schools

WAUKESHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Several local schools are teaming up with a big time corporation to bring the latest technology into the classroom.

General Electric is donating 3d printers to some local schools. CBS 58 took a tour of the lab at GE Healthcare in Waukesha. 

“The point of the lab is three fold," said Jimmie Beacham, Chief Engineer. "One, how do we bring in new technologies? Two, how do we modernize our factories? And three how do we train our work force?” 

The printer takes a plastic like material and builds objects one layer at a time.

Engineer Steve Abitz says donating these to local schools will help them train the next generation of engineers.

“The earlier we can get students engaged in using these types of technologies, the easier it can be for businesses like GE, and others, to leverage that going forward.”

Jay Henderson, a teacher at Longfellow Middle School in Wauwatosa, is excited to have a 3D printer in his classroom soon.

“They’re really allowing students can create anything they can imagine.”

Soon, Longfellow, along with several other local schools, will incorporate the printers in their lesson plans.

“We want them to come up with solutions and a lot of times the solutions are limited by they don't have the tech to build or design something,” said Henderson.

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