Local Haunted House Gives Back To The Community

MILWAUKEE - A haunted house drawing up scares but also giving back to the community.

An area group puts on a haunted house on Marion Avenue in South Milwaukee. The proceeds are donated to 'Human Concerns', a South Milwaukee food pantry. The group donates clothing, furniture to those in need, and helps those who lost their belongings in fires.

"People like to give on a regular basis but things like this attract a lot more... and with it getting colder, we need more food for Human Concerns always, but especially this time of year."

It's a two dollar donation per person which goes towards the food pantry. Otherwise, you can bring in two non-perishable items.

The haunted house is located at 821 Marion Avenue in South Milwaukee. It runs tonight and on Halloween at 7 p.m. The event is family friendly. Kids can go through a no-scare version of the haunted house.

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