Local groups help families find baby formula amid nationwide shortage

NOW: Local groups help families find baby formula amid nationwide shortage

MADISON, Wis. (CBS 58) -- There's a nationwide baby formula shortage two months after several popular brands were recalled. 

Local organizations are stepping up to help families get through the shortage. 

"We had our person go out and buy as much formula as we possibly could. The generic, anything that was pretty much available and safe for our babies," said Teresa de la Garza, program manager at Bellies and Babees. 

"Hunger Task Force already had a semi load full of infant formula on hand, so we reached out to the WIC clinics across the state and started providing them with replacement infant formula to ensure that moms that needed that formula wouldn't have to go without it," said Sherrie Tussler, HTF director.

Bellies and Babees and the Hunger Task Force are the groups helping families find formula right now. 

Doctors with UW Health warn parents against trying to stretch their supply of formula by diluting it in water.

"Babies have a very delicate balance of nutrients and electrolytes, and so giving too much water by diluting the formula can actually be harmful and cause them to be very, very sick," said Dr. Cristina Delgadillo, UW Health pediatrician.

Doctors also recommend calling your pediatrician first with any concerns regarding formula and asking what to do if your supply is running low.

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