Local Event to Find Future Olympians

The search is on to find future Olympians, and a local company is doing its part to help.

Vulcan, a global manufacturing solutions company in Milwaukee, has been a supporter and supplier to the U.S. Luge Team for 30 years. The company provides weights and sponsors various events, including the USA Luge Slider Search.

The search will make a stop in New Berlin on Sunday. The mission of the event is to identify, train and qualify young athletes for the USA Luge Junior Development team. The search has produced 20 Olympians since 1992. Almost 90% of the current members were identified through the Slider Search, including 2010 Olympic Team Member, Julia Clukey. 

"The only way for kids to find things they enjoy and love doing is to try new things. That's why we do the Slider Search. That's why we bring the sport to kids because we know it's not super accessible. So, it's important for our development, to get the sport out on a grassroots level and find kids that maybe haven't found their calling yet," said Clukey.

Luge is one of the oldest winter sports. Athletes lie on their back on a sled, feet first, and race down an icy track at speeds up to 100 miles an hour. 

Sunday's event won't be on ice, because there are only two luge tracks in the U.S. Instead, participants will slide on wheeled sleds at the Soap Box Derby Track in New Berlin. It's free to try, but participants need to register ahead of time. Participation is open to boys and girls between the ages of 9-13. 

During the clinic, USA Luge athletes, coaches and former Olympians will teach participants the basics of riding a luge sled. After training, participants will make several runs down the derby track. 

For more information about the event, and a link to register, head to the Team USA website here.

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