Local couple fights cancer together

Theirs is a love story that could have ended in tragedy. Instead, it's going strong, thanks to a strong foundation in their faith....and in their relationship with one another. 

"God brought us together for a reason, he knew this diagnosis would happen and I was the person that was supposed to be there for her," said Kyle Stephenson, of his now wife, Samantha. 

But when Kyle and Samantha Stephenson first met on an online dating site, they had no idea what that reason was. They were just falling in love, fast. 

"We had a date set up but we were too excited to meet each other so we met for ice cream the night before," recalled Samantha. 

Things were getting serious with their relationship when Samantha found a serious problem with her body; a lump in her left breast. 

"You're scared but then you're like, I'm young, cancer doesn't run in my family," said Samantha. 

Even after three doctors told her it was nothing, Samantha opted to have the lump removed, finding out then that it was an aggressive form of cancer. 

Kyle's response to the news? Marry me. 

"I had already been planning with her best friends to propose before we found out about the diagnosis. I just knew what we had was very special and nothing was going to deter me in another direction. When you say vows its til death do us part, through thick and thin," said Kyle. 

A month later, with help from friends and family, the two got married after Samantha's first round of chemotherapy. 

"It was the best distraction from cancer I could have ever had," she said. 

The honeymoon phase was anything but as Samantha struggled with sickness and accepting her new body. 

"We couldn't cuddle or sit this close because all the sudden I'd be in a hot flash and be like oh my gosh, don't touch me and I'd take my wig
or cap off," she said. 

"I married her for more than just her appearance, she was still beautiful through treatment," said Kyle. 

The couple has advice for others in young relationships going through a struggle.

"Remember the reason you fell in love," said Kyle. 

They also encourage everyone to be their own health advocate, as Samantha may not have made it if she listened to the advice of her doctors. 

You can find a link to breast cancer resources here: http://komensoutheastwi.org

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