Local breweries to offer fundraiser beer for Butte County Camp Fire relief

NOW: Local breweries to offer fundraiser beer for Butte County Camp Fire relief

There are lots of fundraisers and relief efforts to help those affected by the devastating camp fire in Butte County, California, but the newest way to help is at your local brewery.

Almost 30 breweries in Wisconsin will make a beer, of which 100% of the proceeds will go towards those affected.

Over a thousand breweries all around the country are now participating, making the same beer, following the same recipe.

"It's a nice, simple IPA recipe so there's a good amount of hops in it, real basic grain malts," said Kurt Mayes, MKE Brewing Co. Head Brewer.

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, located in Butte County started the idea. They decided to make a fundraiser beer. The brewery plans to can what will be called "Resilience Butte County Proud IPA" and sell it around the nation. They then asked local craft breweries around the country to help. They sent the recipe and a letter to breweries all over. 100 percent of the profits from what will be called the "resilience ipa" goes to relief efforts. For more information about the beer and the relief fund created by Sierra Nevada, you can visit: www.sierranevada.com/resilience-butte-county-proud-ipa

MKE Brewing Company started brewing their batch Wednesday.

"We're proud to be able to be a part of this," said Mayes. "Sierra Nevada sent out an email listing to I think every brewery in the U.S. to help out with making the beer for their relief fund... we saw it and we wanted to help out as quick as possible."

It hits close to home for Third Space Brewing Co-Founder and Brewmaster Kevin Wright. A former colleague now works at Sierra Nevada. While the brewery directly affected by the fire, some of the employees have lost everything.

"Knowing people, a personal connection, it was something we wanted to do. We moved some things around and made it happen," said Kevin Wright, Third Space Brewing Co-Founder and Brewmaster.

Wright had the Resilience IPA recipe in his hand as we spoke with him, they'll start brewing the batch Friday.

"That's one of the great things about our industries, we do support our communities and support each other," said Wright.

Third Space Brewing, MKE Brewing Company, Component Brewing Company, and Good City Brewing Company all say they will announce on social media the exact date Resilience IPA will be on tap. Visit Sierra Nevada's website to find other local breweries participating.

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