Little Switzerland sets Single Day Attendance Record

It's been a rough year for owners at Little Switzerland Ski Resort, dealing with the warmest recorded December in Milwaukee history.

But on Saturday, a record 2,000+ people hit the slopes, bringing much-needed relief to the winter business.

       "We don't like to see green grass in December," says co-owner Mark Schmitz. "But now we've got snow, and a beautiful sunny day, and this is what it's all about." 

The resort hopes to be 100% open by the end of this weekend, a welcome sight for snowboarder Tommy Burg.

       "It was a pretty slow start to the season, but now that we've finally got snow, it's really picking up." 

Owners hope to make up for lost time with continued success in January.

       "We're going to make up for it now, it looks like cold temperatures are here to stay," says Schmitz. "We've got a hill full of snow, and people are coming out and enjoying it." 

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