Little girl sees body in alley near 25th and Auer Ave.

Police are investigating the death of a woman after her body was found near 25th and Auer. 

Authorities say around 6:35 a.m. a caller informed them of a woman's burned body was in an alley.

11-year-old Jalissa Ransom says she saw the body.

\"Well, I really saw a dead body over there and then I heard screaming, but I didn't know it was real. So, my granny came up in the room and said, It's a dead body in the alley!' And then we came outside and saw the dead body laying there, burned up.\"

There is no information on the woman or the circumstances surrounding her death. No suspects are in custody. 

If you have any information call the Milwaukee Police at 414-935-3813.

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