Light Snow and Strong Winds Thursday

 Thursday morning starts with bitter cold wind chills of -20° to -30°.  Clouds will greet you for the morning with the morning commute looking dry and very cold.  Here is the view from Precision Forecast at 8am: 


By late morning, flurries and snow showers arrive from the west.  Accumulating snow will not occur until later in the day.  Here is the view of Precision forecast for noon Thursday:


Problems begin during the afternoon as light snow continues to fall.  Wind gusts of 30 to 40 mph create low visibility and blowing snow through the evening.  Expect potentially big issues with the evening commute Thursday.  Here is 5pm Thursday on Precision Forecast:


The combination of strong winds; light, fluffy snow and timing create a high impact from such a small snowstorm.  Most areas are forecast to receive 2 to 3 inches of snow.  But the blowing snow and low visibilities during the late afternoon and evening commute increases the chances for accidents and a much longer commute home.  Here is the snowfall forecast by Thursday evening:


Give yourself extra time and go slow if you need to drive Thursday afternoon and evening.  And if you don't need to drive, just wait out the storm.

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