Life at 100: Brookfield man shares wisdom of life linking global pandemics

Life at 100: Brookfield man shares wisdom of life linking global pandemics

BROOKFIELD, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Alfred Mozina was born the year the Spanish flu pandemic ended. Now, at 100 years old, he’s living through another pandemic with a positive attitude. 

“Everybody has a life story,” said Alfred.

His story spans one hundred years.

“You got a few aches and pains but, if you can handle that, why worry?” Alfred said smiling.

His family celebrated his 100th birthday just a few weeks ago. He made the milestone on July 25th.

To stay healthy, Alfred said he starts his day with a good breakfast.

“My breakfast is usually a nice bowl of oatmeal with a fruit cup and that’s very tasty,” said Alfred.

And he keeps his mind sharp staying up to date with technology.

“I have an iPad and so, anything I’m interested in, I can always find something about it. Videos and whatever,” Alfred said.

And then there’s love. He and his wife Elaine will celebrate 71 years of marriage this October. The two first met on a blind date.

 “We were in it in our minds that we would stay together. We did pray and I don’t mean to be… but I’m sure God helped us all along the way,” said Elaine. “I’m lucky I married him I guess.”

And then came 10 children. The two raised their family in Brookfield.

 “No, she did the raising. I did the working to pay for the food,” Alfred said laughing. 

Alfred was a naval lieutenant during World War Two. He was on his way to the Pacific when President Truman dropped the atomic bombs.  He returned and worked for about 45 years as an electrical engineer.

He started his life the year the Spanish flu ended.

 “My father survived. He had the flu pretty bad and he survived so otherwise I wouldn’t be here,” said Alfred. 

And now, with 100 years of experience to help him through this pandemic, he has a bit of advice for us all.

 “You have to obey the rules they set down and learn how to cope with it. It’s not that hard to adapt because you’re not the only one in the boat,” said Alfred. “Everybody has a different story so you sit down and listen and they entertain you.”

So sit a while, as Alfred has quite the life lived and a century to celebrate.

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