Lena's Food Market Responds to Claim of Mouse in Store

A picture posted on Facebook over the weekend appeared to show a mouse on bacon at Lena's Food Market located at 4030 North Teutonia in Milwaukee. Lena's released a statement Monday afternoon saying that this was an isolated incident and they have, "pulled and destroyed any and all affected products, thoroughly cleaned and sanitized the area, sealed off entry points and ramped up existing pest prevention and control policies."

It is our continued commitment to serve our customers and community as we have and as our parents did before us. We are a much needed institution for many people who are limited by their lack of transportation and on a fixed income.

Lena’s Food Market currently employs more than 100 people. They plan to continue to provide an option for affordable groceries in Milwaukee which is plagued by never before seen food deserts in much of the city.

“I believe that the Martin’s will do what is needed to rectify any issues and continue to serve the community.” stated Ald Ashanti Hamilton of Milwaukee’s 1st Aldermanic District where Lena’s Foods Teutonia store in centrally located.

“We want the best for our customers and our community, and we will work hard to keep them happy” said Greg Martin, one of the owners of Lena’s. "We are not just a family owned business, we are part of the community. We look forward to serving during the Holiday Season and beyond."

Lena's began over 50 years ago on North Avenue in the "heart of the Black community".

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