'An artistic medium': Lego Brickworld Exposition makes a return to Milwaukee

NOW: ’An artistic medium’: Lego Brickworld Exposition makes a return to Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Brickworld Lego exposition was back in Milwaukee at the Wisconsin State Fair Park this weekend and Sunday was the last day to check it out. 

With 32,000 square feet of Lego displays to see, Lego Brickworld is something that Lego fans old and young, couldn’t wait to experience.

"We've got castles, we've got cities and trains running. We've got something amazing called the great ball contraption, a series of Lego machines that passes Lego soccer balls that pass from one module to the other," said Mark Larson, a chief brick officer of Lego Brickworld.

Brickworld is every Lego fan's dream. Millions of Legos filled up the Products Pavillion building with a variety of displays along with exhibitors and Lego masters teaching their craft.

"It's like so cool, I like it a lot," said Luke Morris, who attended the event with his siblings and dad.

"As a family we both really love Legos, especially the younger guys here. We're also really excited we like watching the Lego Masters show. Jacob and Caleb are here, they're also from Wisconsin," said Justin Morris, an attendee.

Brickworld is an event both kids and adults enjoy. It's also an opportunity for Lego enthusiasts to get their creative juices flowing for their next Lego project.

"My favorite thing about doing this show is that we're connecting families and friends, giving them new ideas for how to connect and how to do positive playtime so we can inspire people that way. We can inspire future artists, future engineers," said Larson. 

A big hit was the great ball contraption display.

"The great ball contraption is simply a continuous loop of balls that are moved by Lego machines. We have about 60 different machines and they move the balls. It takes about 15 minutes to go around one time," said Brad Sweet, the GBC coordinator of Brickworld/

And everyone at the event had their personal favorite displays.

"I think my favorite so far is the space station. It has all kinds of crazy stuff like a disco and there's a church in there and just the creativity of building this massive display," said Justin Morris.

"My favorite display is Harry Potter. I like the old sets and new sets," said Dean Morris.

"Those things really resonate with the kids and it gives them lots of ideas and thoughts on how to build things," said Sweet.

"It's an artistic medium. There's not many toys out there still that are educational. Lego is an educational toy. It stood the test of time and it has been around for such a long time. It offers the opportunity for kids to create something new, anything that they imagine and just make their own world. Making an immersive world that they can be part of and they can focus all of their creative energy to," said Larson.

If you missed out on Brickworld this weekend, it will be back in April 2022. Additional details on Brickworld can be found here.

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