Learn (& sample) Milwaukee's beer history by taking City Tours MKE's Brewery Tour

NOW: Learn (& sample) Milwaukee’s beer history by taking City Tours MKE’s Brewery Tour

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58)--Beer has a rich-flavored history in the Brew City.  And you can explore one of Milwaukee's favorite pastimes by taking a Brewery Tour put on by City Tours MKE. 

The fun event had stopped for a while during the pandemic, but now it's up and running again with limited space due to social distancing.  You have the opportunity of visiting four different microbreweries via a cruiser and sampling eight different beers. Organizers say it's a great way to expand your horizons and your palate when it comes to drinking all kinds of brewski of course responsibly.

If you're interested in taking a City of Milwaukee Brewery Tour, just click here to make your reservations.  Keep in mind the tours, at least now, are happening mainly on Saturdays.

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