Leader of Security During Ferguson Protests Tells Milwaukee Crowd "I didn't want blood on my hands"

NOW: Leader of Security During Ferguson Protests Tells Milwaukee Crowd “I didn’t want blood on my hands“
Milwaukee -

Captain Ron Johnson of the Missouri State Highway Patrol was a guest speaker at Diversity and Inclusion Day Thursday in Milwaukee.

Johnson received both praise and criticism for his unconventional choices that sometimes included marching with the protestors, posing for pictures of them and apologizing to the family of assault suspect Michael Brown who was killed by a police officer.

"My goal is that I didn't want any blood on my hands," said Captain Johnson. "I felt if another life was lost on any side, this city and our nation would explode."

It's a case that is marred with conflicting accounts of what really happened.

Captain Johnson told the crowd at the Harley-Davidson Museum that he had to rely on his own moral compass.

"The time to determine your path is not when you're in the midst of chaos. It's before you get there."

The event hosted by Waukesha based MRA, The Management Association.

Panel discussions focused on how diversity in the workplace can be good for business and enhance the vibrancy of he community.

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