Latino-owned restaurants put their own spin on Wisconsin fish fry tradition

NOW: Latino-owned restaurants put their own spin on Wisconsin fish fry tradition

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Fish fry season is upon us and it's a great Wisconsin tradition.

We decided to highlight a few Latino-owned restaurants that offer something a little different to the Badger State classic.

Sabrosa Café & Gallery

Address: 3216 S. Howell Ave., Milwaukee

Fish fry: Friday nights, 5 p.m. - 9 p.m. featuring live music

Much of owner and executive chef Francisco Sanchez's inspiration comes from his family ties in Mexico.

"I learned all my recipes from my family, my mom, my abuelita (grandmother) and then my cousins in Mexico City, and then I just kind of ran with it," Sanchez told CBS 58.

Sabrosa is a Latin and European-influenced restaurant and its fish fry menu reflects that and the touch of its executive chef.

"It's just going to be a mix," Sanchez said. "Everything's going to be fresh and it's my own sazón, so it's unique in its flavoring and you're going to taste a bit of home with that."

One of the highlights of the fish dishes offered is cornmeal-battered perch fish tacos. They are served with chipotle mayonnaise, Oaxacan beans and Mexican rice.

More info on Sabrosa can be found by clicking here

Orenda Café

Address: 3514 W. National Ave., Milwaukee

Fish fry: offered year-round

Orenda Café is a Latina-owned and operated restaurant that offers breakfast, brunch and lunch.

"We call ourselves kind of an American café with Mexican flair," general manager Jessica Sobojinski said.

The café offers a classic Wisconsin fish fry year-round.

"We just do a light flour breading on it, deep-fried of course, served with our homemade coleslaw, tartar sauce, our rye bread," Sobojinski said.

The restaurant also offers salmon and eggs as well as a salmon benedicto. For a Latin twist, people can enjoy the dishes with a margarita.

"Mixing things like that is kind of where the inspiration from Mexican and American kind of comes together."

More info on Orenda can be found by clicking here

Café el Sol

Address: 1028 S. 9th St., Milwaukee

Fish fry: Friday evenings featuring buffet and live music

Café el Sol is located in the heart of Milwaukee's south side Latino neighborhood in the lower level of the United Community Center on Walker Square.

"We specialize in Mexican and Puerto Rican food, we try to keep the Latin flavors in our menu, in our cuisine," manager Miguel Sanchez said.

Café el Sol offers live music on Friday evenings and their menu features a baked fish plate as well as their take on a fish fry.

"The spices and the breading we use, it's fresh, number one. Number two, we try to concentrate on, we try to keep it Latino with all our spices and everything else, from the rice to the salad and also the fish," Sanchez said.

More info on Café el Sol can be found by clicking here

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