Last Night Below Zero?

It was another mighty cold start to the day across southeast Wisconsin. Most towns across the viewing area slipped below zero. Here's a look at our morning lows:


Milwaukee bottomed out at zero this morning. That was the 15th time we fell to zero or colder this winter. On average, a Milwaukee winter will feature eight days where temperatures drop below zero. Other locations, especially across western parts of the viewing area average 20 to 25 sub-zero nights. 


It looks like this could be the end of nights below zero, and quite possibly the end of the single-digits this winter.  As I checked the record books, I discovered that the latest sub-zero temp ever recorded in Milwaukee was March 22nd 1888 at -2°. The last day at zero came on March 25th 1960. And the last single-digit temperature penciled in on March 31st 1923 at 8°.  April and beyond show no days in the single-digits.

As we look at the next couple weeks out, there's strong evidence that temps will run near or above normal.  Our forecast has highs in the 30s and 40s through March 15th, with lows in the 20s and 30s. With that in mind, our snowpack will be dwindling away and signs of green and spring will pop before you know it!

I'm meteorologist Rebecca Schuld

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