Last animal rescued from deplorable conditions in Racine County finds her "forever family"

MILWAUKEE-- All 94 animals seized from deplorable conditions at Orphan Kanines, an animal rescue operation in Caledonia, have found new homes.

The raid and rescue on May 29 was a huge undertaking for Wisconsin Humane Society.

CBS 58 was the only television station there when the last animal rescued from Orphan Kanines, found her forever home.

It only took a few minutes for Waffles the dog to feel right at home in her new mommy's arms. 

Linda Hagen saw a picture of the 3-year old Maltese mix posted on the Wisconsin Humane Society's website, then stopped by to meet her Thursday afternoon.

\"It all, sort of, kind of evolved, with the cardiac problem,\" said Hagen, \"and I was a cardiac nurse\"

Waffles required tremendous medical attention after she was rescued. 

\"She was diagnosed with a very serious heart condition,\" said Angela Speed, a spokesperson for the Wisconsin Humane Society, \"and she had her surgery at the UW Veterinary School of Medicine in Madison.\"

After months of rehab-- Waffles is the last animal from Orphan Kanines to find a forever family.

\"Boy, it's just the best day,\" said Speed, smiling.

When it comes to matters of the heart-- Waffles is in good hands.

\"I have a heart murmur too actually,\" said Hagen.

While many families will change their dog's name after adoption, Hagen says the name will stay.

\"Here's the other kind of uncanny thing, is that my husband loves to make waffles for breakfast every morning,\" said Hagen.

As Waffles says goodbye to her friends at the Wisconsin Humane Society, Hagen's family is ready to welcome Waffles home.

\"She's going to have a little older sister, and a nice comfortable, thick mattress with her name on the pillow,\" said Hagen, \"and anything else her little heart desires.\"

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