Fired food worker arrested after ramming vehicle at Lambeau

NOW: Fired food worker arrested after ramming vehicle at Lambeau

GREEN BAY, Wis. (AP) — Police say a fired food service worker rammed a former co-worker's car at Lambeau Field, bringing numerous law enforcement agencies to the Green Bay Packers' stadium.

Green Bay Police Chief Andrew Smith told reporters that the suspect was fired after an altercation with the co-worker earlier this month.

Smith says when the suspect saw the co-worker Friday, he smashed into that employee's vehicle, driving it under the back of a van.
Smith says the suspect then chased the employee into the loading dock area. He then drove into the stadium and crashed into a storage area, but did not get onto the field.

Smith says five vehicles were damaged, but no one was hurt. The suspect was arrested.

Eye witness describes situation at Lambeau Field from CBS 58 News on Vimeo.

Green Bay Police Chief Andrew Smith said the driver could be facing a felony charge for an assault with a deadly weapon.

“It was certainly a dangerous thing to do,” Chief Smith said. “You could argue that his guy was trying to kill this former coworker.”


GREEN BAY, Wis. (AP) — Green Bay's police chief says one person is in custody after a disturbance that drew numerous law enforcement and emergency agencies to Lambeau Field in Green Bay.

Police say they responded early Friday afternoon to a "possible disturbance with a vehicle" at the stadium where the Green Bay Packers play.

Green Bay Police Chief Andrew Smith tells the Green Bay Press-Gazette one person was arrested. He said no weapons were involved and no one was hurt.

Pictures on WLUK-TV show police cars at the scene and a couple of crashed vehicles — including a van that appeared backed onto the hood of a smaller vehicle.

Police plan an afternoon news conference.

The Packers host the Minnesota Vikings at Lambeau on Saturday night.

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