Landry goes back to Wisconsin roots, growing something special in Milwaukee

NOW: Landry goes back to Wisconsin roots, growing something special in Milwaukee

Former Badgers star Marcus Landry is growing something special in the heart of Milwaukee.

The Vincent graduate is going back to his Wisconsin roots this summer. He’s home, teaching kids in a community with intense needs about gardening.

“I grew up in the city, but at heart I’m a country boy”

The 6 foot 7 forward isn’t your typical botanist…But the seeds were planted early. Growing up, he learned from his mom and grandmother that it takes patience, discipline and hard work to be a gardener. Principles that stuck with him throughout his 11 years in professional basketball.

“We can give them a positive foundation, they can go back to that thing they once learned as a little kid to get them over hiccups in life.”

For Marcus that hiccup came in the form of a torn Achilles this season. The first major injury of his career has him digging back to that foundation and playing it forward…sharing his green thumb with the next generation.

“We give these kids an opportunity to not be in front of a device the whole time, but to actually get their hands dirty. They learn about is sustainability. Being able to grow their own things.

“It’s just fun to be able to spend time with my second family and being able to see new things grow and how my hard work is helping others.”

She can see that hard work blossom immediately. Eliana and many others stick around after gardening to help Marcus’ food drive…a food drive that feeds around 300 people in the community in part by using some of the produce they’ve grown. Reporting in Milwaukee, Scott Grodsky CBS 58 sports.

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