Lakefront Brewery unveils new brews in Black Friday Beer release

NOW: Lakefront Brewery unveils new brews in Black Friday Beer release

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Lakefront Brewery is celebrating this year's Black Friday with new beers Friday, Nov. 26.

The highly-anticipated Lakefront Brewery beers are the 2021 Black Friday Imperial Stout, the 2021 Imperial Brown ale, and the 2021 Holiday Spice Ale.

The Black Friday Imperial Stout is aged in bourbon barrels and it is something beer fans wait for every year and take very seriously.

Large lines of people formed a line outside of the brewery overnight, braving the cold to get their hands on the limited-edition beer.

Some dedicated and loyal customers drove out of state and were in line very early to get the beer.

"It has just kind of become an annual tradition to come on down here for this beer. It's a fantastic bourbon barrel style. We got here about 3:45 this morning. They opened at 8 so we come down with a bunch of friends, have some beer in the line, grab some food. It's just a fun time and it's a good party," said Matt Sepersky, a customer.

"I bought as much as I could buy and I'm from Ohio. This is about my fourth or fifth year here. I come with my brother-in-law, Ned, and his family is all from Milwaukee. We come up here and start at 4 a.m. in the morning and it's cold as heck out here at 4 in the morning!" said George Palaic, a customer.

Palaic filled the trunk of his car with the limited edition beer and said he bought $525 worth of the beer. He said he is going to share it with family and friends.

Lakefront Brewery was also selling a limited-edition imperial brown ale and holiday spice ale. Each bottle sold for $20.

The brewery made about 6,000 bottles total of the limited edition beers.

"It's tough to get kind of a thing and so to be able to take it home and share with family and friends, and it's ageable. You can let it age for a couple of years and take it out on a special occasion which is a really neat thing people can do," said Mike Walker, who does on-site business development for Lakefront Brewery.

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