Lakefront Brewery Black Friday Brings Out Thousands

It's become a Milwaukee holiday tradition. 

Lakefront Brewery's annual Black Friday Imperial Stout went on sale Friday morning to the delight of thousands of customers.

"It's the beer you can only get it one day. It's Black Friday,” said Dave Anderson, the first person in line.

Armstrong camped out overnight, lining up at 9:30 on Thursday.

He wasn't alone. Thousands of other beer lovers joined. The line wrapped around the parking lot, down the block and around the corner. 

"It just keeps growing every year, it's amazing,” said Russ Klisch, Lakefront Brewery President. 

Klisch says the magic is all in the beer. It's aged in a bourbon barrel for about seven months. They made enough for 4,200 bottles, up from 3,800 last year. 

At 8 o'clock this morning the wait was over. The excited crowd rushed into the building after waiting hours in the rain. Saying the wait for the specially brewed beer was worth it. 

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