Despite lake advisory, some go for swim in choppy waters

NOW: Despite lake advisory, some go for swim in choppy waters

Hazardous beach conditions are in effect for Milwaukee this weekend. According to the National Weather Service, waves up to 8 ft. are expected, making the conditions dangerous.

Many at Bradford Beach opted to stay out of Lake Michigan.

"We kinda dipped our toes in there and decided against going all the way in," said Scott Small.

But others braved the waters.

"Yeah, we went out, we decided to have a beach day,” said Ryan Dreifuerst. “It's a little bit cold, but definitely once you get in, you get through the shock."

However, the strong current was a challenge.

"We definitely had to work for it, we were joking that it's our exercise for the day."

Captain Michael Palmer with the Milwaukee Fire Department dive team said it's even risky for them. "Absolutely putting your lives at risk...even the training and the equipment we have can sometimes be outmatched by the conditions out on the lake.

Palmer has some tips if you're ever caught in a powerful current.

"Not fight against it. Try to swim directly in the shore, you should either float and let the current take you where it's gonna take you till it dissipates, and then swim parallel to shore for a while until you get out of that area."

The advisory remains in effect until 7 a.m. Monday for the counties Milwaukee, Sheboygan, Ozaukee, Racine and Kenosha.

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