Lake Geneva teen who fell ill while abroad now home

NOW: Lake Geneva teen who fell ill while abroad now home

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A Lake Geneva teen is back home after spending weeks in a Paris hospital in a coma. 

Nathan Dyer got sick with what the family now says was E. coli during a trip to Morocco in April and was sent to France for medical treatment. 

Dyer's sister Rachel told CBS 58 she visited Nathan in the hospital in Paris last weekend and he was out of the coma and able to fly back on a commercial flight to Wisconsin. 

He arrived home on Wednesday. They wanted to fly him back earlier in a helicopter because of his condition, but the cost was more than $100,000. She says he's had a couple of seizures. He also has trouble remembering names and places. HOwever, his condition is improving and he's resting at home. 

Dyer has an appointment with a local doctor and then they will be able to know where to go from that point. 

Rachel says doctors don't know exactly what caused his illness but they believe it was from exposure to E. coli. 

"The diagnosis that the doctor said was typical hemolytic uremic syndrome or HUS and this is like a genetic illness. The person can have the gene or the genes for their entire life and it doesn't do anything or cause any problems unless they are exposed to a certain type of bacteria," said Rachel Dyer. 

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