Lake Express ferry spring sailing season starts May 1

MILWAUKEE -- It's \"all aboard\" as the Lake Express begins the 2014 sailing season Thursday on Lake Michigan.

The high-speed ferry makes four daily trips from Milwaukee to Muskegon, Michigan, across Lake Michigan in two-and-a-half hours. More daily trips will be added to the schedule this summer. 

Aaron Schultz with Lake Express says it's more than just a boat ride, and says it's a first-class experience, comparable to airline-style accommodations.

\"There's a lot more room, there's a cafe on board, you can watch a movie or go outside and enjoy the lake,\" Schultz said. 

The ship can hold 46 cars are 12 motorcycles. Schultz said the ferry is a great way travelers heading to Michigan to avoid driving in congested traffic. 

CBS 58's Matt Doyle has more on the Lake Express.

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