Labor of Love: Couple recreates John Hawks Pub Booth in home

Labor of Love: Couple recreates John Hawks Pub Booth in home

Kris and Mike Gutierrez's love story started more than 10 years ago when they had their first date at John Hawks Pub.

"I liked him. I thought we had a lot in common," said Kris.

One date led to two and the couple got married five years later. But even with their wedding anniversary, the two always made a point to celebrate their very first date on March 25th.

Every year after year, Kris and Mike would take a photo at the same booth. Even if someone was sitting in the booth, they would wait.

But they never thought the restaurant they had been going to for years would be closing its doors.

"It was hard to believe it was and we thought what are we going to do now?" said Kris.

That's when Mike reached out for help.

"We were wondering if we can get in there and remove the booth and Jim Stingl stepped up to the plate and helped us out big time," said Mike.

The couple soon got the okay to get the booth. A video shows them disassembling the booth and recreating the booth in their home. The booth took about 40 hours to put it into their Menomonee Falls home.

Now, every anniversary they do not have to go far to celebrate their very first date.

"It was a fun build, a labor of love for sure," said Mike.

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