Kris Zocco found guilty of possession of child pornography

Kris Zocco was found guilty of 16 counts of possession of child pornography. The jury found him not guilty on the 17th count of possession of child pornography. Police found the child pornography in Zocco's possession while searching his apartment for evidence that could help them find Kelly Dwyer. Zocco was the last person to see Kelly Dwyer before she disappeared.

Milwaukee police executed a search warrant on Zocco's apartment while investigating the disappearance of Kelly Dwyer. Police found several CDs and an external hard drive inside a cardboard box on the floor of Zocco's apartment.

The closing argument presented by state prosecutors focused on the amount of child pornography was found in Zocco's possession. They allege Zocco kept it on an external hard drive as a way to avoid law enforcement.

Investigators conducted a preliminary search of these electronic items, and uncovered several videos containing child pornography. That's when police got another search warrant and returned to Zocco's apartment on October 24th.

Analysts searched all the electronic evidence gathered from Zocco's apartment, and found 23 video files containing child pornography. The ages of the child victims in these videos are as young as two or three years old.

The criminal complaint only details 17 of these videos, because Zocco is only facing 17 counts of possession of child pornography. According to police, Zocco used the peer to peer sharing network called LimeWire to download these pornographic video files.

During the trial, Zocco's defense attorneys focused on the fact that the video files have not been used since 2009. The defense also claimed Zocco had no knowledge he possessed these files on his external hard drive.

Zocco will be sentenced to at least 48 years in prison.

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