Klement's out as official sausage and hot dog provider of the Milwaukee Brewers

NOW: Klement’s out as official sausage and hot dog provider of the Milwaukee Brewers


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- After 25 years, Klement's will no longer be the official sausage and hot dog provider of the Milwaukee Brewers.

In a letter from the CEO and President of Klement Sausage Co., it was announced that the Brewers discontinued the partnership.

Klement's made their mark nationwide when they partnered with the Brewers to bring about the Famous Racing Sausages.  

The letter also stated, "Unfortunately, the Brewers abruptly and without explanation cut off our negotiations. To our surprise, weeks later the Brewers informed us that they signed with another undisclosed company."

"Given our history and commitment to the Brewers, this was a surprising and disappointing development." 

Klement's says that they have already begun talking with other community partners to support. To read the full letter that was sent out, see below.

The Brewers also issued a statement for those that "grilled" them. 

The organization assured fans wondering about the future of "The Famous Racing Sausages" saying in part, "The Famous Racing Sausages are a "link" to the Brewers past and present. Rest assured, they are also central to the future of the franchise."

CBS 58 reached out to other major sausage companies with Wisconsin ties including Johnsonville, Usinger's and KraftHeinz/Oscar Meyer. None of the brands have returned messages as of publishing. 

The five sausages have been adored by fans and locals evidenced at sports bar, Kelly's Bleachers. The owner had Brat, Polish Sausage, Hot Dog, Italian Sausage, and Chorizo painted on the wall and added to his menu. Even after the sponsor change, he plans to keep them up.

"They'll stay exactly how they are. If they change how they look [at Miller Park], I hope they don't, but if they do they're still staying the same on our walls," says Anthony Luchini.

Sports fan Michael Ford says he was once "Bratwurst." 

"So I always root for the bratwurst now," said Ford. "It's sad to see after all these years Klement's is leaving."

Other fans shared their frank opinions on social media.

Klement's confirms they gave up rights to the MLB for "The Famous Racing Sausages" 15 years ago "because we were committed partners with the Milwaukee Brewers."

The Brewers website still has the sausages available for booking ... but the "Klement's" name is nowhere on the page.

Klement's letter to employees:

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