Kleefisch disgusted by people who don't flush

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Wisconsin's lieutenant governor is grossed out by rest stop bathrooms and is asking citizens to please flush the toilets.

Rebecca Kleefisch tweeted her disgust Wednesday, along with a plea for better bathroom care.

In her message, directed at "gross" people, Kleefisch describes "going stall to stall at one of our rest stops just now" and "flushing 4 the discourteous" people.

Kleefisch further appeals to rest stop visitors to consider the people whose jobs it is to clean the bathrooms. She says, "They work so hard; plz flush, ok?!"

Kleefisch ends the tweet saying: "Good talk. (And good thing u can flush w ur shoe.)"

She attached a gif showing a dog shaking its head with the caption, "Really?"

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