Kidney Donor and Recipient Reunited at Froedtert's Transplant Patient Event

MILWAUKEE - An extra special event took place at Froedtert Hospital yesterday afternoon.

Hundreds of organ donors and recipients connected, some for the first time.

Two long-time colleagues and Milwaukee County Judges, Derek Mosley and JoAnn Siring, were in attendance. Siring donated her kidney to Mosley earlier this summer. We caught up with them to see how things were going.

"I can't thank her enough. And I went to a movie, a late movie with my kids last night, something I haven't done in years because I've been on dialysis. So, this is,it's been great," Mosley said.

This event was just another reminder of how important being a donor is.

Since 1991, the number of people waiting for organs has jumped more than 400% while the number of donors is only up about 120%.

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