Kenosha's planned streetcar expansion draws criticism

The recently approved expansion of Kenosha's streetcars is causing quite a backlash with some residents.

Nearly 100 people held a public meeting expressing their anger with the project.

Last September, city council voted 10-5 in favor of expanding the streetcar both north and south. The move comes with a price tag of $11 million, but taxpayers would only have to foot $3 million of the bill, the other $8 million is federally funded.

But, the newly formed group Common Sense Kenosha hopes to put a stop to the expansion with a petition and non-binding referendum question on the ballot. Former Mayor John Bilotti says it's a waste of money.

"The spending on this project is out of control and it only gets bigger and bigger," Bilotti said.

If the city moves forward, the streetcar expansion will be complete by late 2016.

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