Kenosha Unified School District to offer virtual learning

NOW: Kenosha Unified School District to offer virtual learning

KENOSHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Wisconsin schools have now been closed for more than a week, and a challenge many districts are now facing is how to offer remote learning.

Some Kenosha parents are now upset that their students have not been able to continue their classes online while schools are closed for COVID-19.

“This is a huge set-back for anyone, but our kids are our future,” Jeff Peadro, Kenosha parent, said.

Several parents have been posting their concerns and opinions on social media. 

“I do worry about my son falling behind with everything,” Vanessa Rojas, Kenosha parent, said. “Especially, because he’s in honors classes so they learn a lot faster. There’s no program set up.”

Thursday, Kenosha Unified School District (KUSD) sent out a plan for virtual learning that will not be graded or required, but will align with curriculum.

“I am very glad to hear that because yes we could use some more,” Julia Kozel, Kenosha parent, said.

The e-learning program will start March 30th.

“For us as a school district with 20-thousand students, 4-thousand employees, making a plan to pivot and adjust doesn’t just happen overnight,” Tanya Ruder, KUSD Chief Communications Officer, said.

KUSD says the challenge with offering graded curriculum online is that a lot of their students do not have access to the internet and technology at home. Plus, the district says they are unable to provide individualized learning plans online for special education students.

“It is our job to provide a free public education that is equitable to all students in our community, despite what their background may be or what challenges they may be facing,” Ruder said.

Some KUSD parents are ok with not having to ensure their students are following a graded curriculum during this uncertain time.

“While I would love it if they had graded work to do at home I totally understand it,” Karl Erickson, Kenosha parent, said.

The district is now working on a plan to get technology to students who may not have it available at home.

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