Kenosha School Pays for Good Behavior

It's day two of the new school year for students in the Kenosha Unified School District and the second year of a program which rewards students for good behavior. 

It is a big day for students here at Brass Community School in Kenosha.

They are taking a tour or matrix walk of the entire school as staff members lay out and allow students to practice the expectations set for them.

This is all part of in initiative called PBIS which stands for positive behaviors interventions and support.

It is a framework model used in school districts across the country and was introduced you're in Kenosha last year.

It's goal is to promote and reward students for good behavior in places like the hallway, cafeteria, and bathrooms just to name a few.

Students can be recognized differently at every school, here at brass community school students are rewarded with brass bucks.

Students can then use those bucks to redeem items in the school store known as the doghouse.

There is everything in there from erasers to games to lunch with the school principal.

School staff say they have seen a change in student behavior since starting the program last year, and think their results will improve this school year.  

"The data here at brass that this is working. The kids are changing behaviors without negative consequences,” said Randy Hoover, PBIS internal coordinator. "we really found that just that positive praise that's what did it for them. They just wanted to hear them tell them hey I appreciate you and you're doing a fantastic job. The great part about it is we also noticed those kids who are making poor choices really wanted to hear the same things so some of those poor choices they were making stopped happening"

Teachers and met there will always be some sort of issues that will arise.

They are hoping since more students are paying attention and spending more time in the classroom instead of detention at the principal’s office, the overall grades here at the school will improve over the coming years.

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